Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Is this what you want to listen to?

Shrill Hill!

I believe that Hillary Rodham Clinton wants a world government under control of the United Nations that will destroy American sovereignty and traditional families. She has political beliefs that have their roots in Marxist/Socialist ideology. That's one reason she's so Gung Ho about having mandatory pre-kindergarten. Let's take the children away as early as we can so they can be more easily indoctrinated in the liberal left's way of thinking. That's right, remove the kids from Mom and Dad sooner and it'll go much more smoothly without having the parents in the way. No need to worry about the kids having a belief system which in any way resembles the Parents. In her book, "It Takes a Village" She says the future is not about family but about a larger community of "right minded" teachers and social workers. She talks about bringing up children as less of a parental responsibility than a social one. With this thinking you have the destruction of the family. That’s a very basic concept of Socialism and Marxism.

We Know Better Than Them!

It's all in the formula. Control the little people's lives, from cradle to grave.

Uncle Joe would be proud.

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