Thursday, October 30, 2008

Alert: Warning to All Americans considering voting for Barack Hussien Obama

William Ayers and Barack Obama have a working relationship for at least 21 years, and have cooperated in funneling tens of millions of dollars to leftist indoctrination progams for youth. All this you may have already known. What is even more chilling is this expose' on how William Ayers is planning to implement their mutual Marxist ideology, should Ayers attain influence on Obama through their long standing relationship.

Larry Grathwohl penetrated the Weather Underground for Cincinnati Law Enforcement to bring this first hand account of Ayers' (and the Weather Underground's) plans. As you may know, Ayers remains unrepentant to this day, and lives just a few houses away from Barack Hussein Obama. Obama's flimsy and ever-shifting denials of his relationship with Ayers have all but completely disintegrated.

Furthermore, the prime backer of Obama, Khalid Al Mansour, was a legal assistant to the Black Panther Party (with an office next door). It is known from testimony of Weather Underground members that the BPP and Weather Underground worked "very closely" together. Therefore it it likely that Mansour (who was advising Obama even before he moved from Hawaii, under the tutelage of Communist agent Frank Marshall Davis), was working with Ayers and Dohrn simultaneously.

Their plan to create "concentration" camps for re-education is particularly chilling. This scenario harkens back to the Khmer Rouge of communist Cambodia or the days of Mao's purges in communist China.

Their view, you either change to what they want or you die.

What Kind of Change?

Once upon a time, there was a charismatic and eloquent young leader who decided his nation needed a change and that he was the one to implement it. The people were receptive and ready for change.

He spoke passionately when denouncing the existing system and the media loved him. Nobody questioned what he believed in or who his friends were. He would help the poor and bring free medical care and education to all. He would bring justice and equality. He said I am for hope and change, and I will bring you both. Few people bothered to ask about the change, and by the time the executioner’s guns went silent, all personal firearms had been confiscated, along with most personal freedoms.

When everyone was finally equal, they were (and are) equally poor, hungry and miserable. Their free education was (and is) all but worthless. Their free and universal health care was (and remains despite what Michael Moore says) a travesty. When the change was fully implemented, the country had been reduced to Third World status. More than a million people fled in small boats and rafts.

The charismatic young leader was Fidel Castro; the nation is Cuba.

The citizens of the United States would never fall for a charismatic, eloquent young leader who promises hope and change without asking, “what kind of change, and how much will it cost us?” – would we?

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

"Tito the Builder" vs the Liberal Media

This guy really gets into this reporters face about the over the top MSM coverage of "Joe the Plumber" and the lack of coverage of Obama's ties to the extreme left and socialism. The reporter is David Corn from the ultra-lefty-liberal Mother Jones magazine (I thought they went out of business?).

I don't know if "Tito" was a plant, but he sure says what a lot of us are thinking.

"Jou know what I mean"

Friday, October 10, 2008

Is Obama the kind of person we really want to lead us?

Please take a few minutes to watch this clip fron You Tube.

If there is any doubt in your minds that Barack Hussien Obama has associated, been supported by and agreed with these people, then you are in denial.

Change is sometimes good. But change just for changes sake is just plain stupid.

In Obama's case it's just plain suicidal for America.