Friday, October 2, 2009

Thank you Mr. President (for your colossal waste of taxpayer money).


I was going to comment on how foolish Obama and his wife looked in as they tried to sway the International Olympic Committee in a stupid attempt to bring the 2016 Olympics to Chicago. Now that they've had their epic fail on this subject, I want to thank them for their tremendous waste of our money. American taxpayer money.

What did Obama think was going to happen if the Olympic games were given to Chicago? That all of the South Side gangbangers would go on a 16 day holiday during the games? (Hey, maybe the Olympic committee will hire them on as part of Obama's American Recovery and Reinvestment Act). Would he be able to funnel millions more into a corrupt and criminal ACORN? Does he think his star shines all around the world as it does with the lefty Hollywood crowd?

Anyway, Obumma 'n Opah don't have that kind of pull in the rest of the world. They thought they could pull a fast one on the EuroSocialistas but no dice bay-bee. Too bad, so sad.

I think Obama forgot the first rule on how politics are really played in Chicago:

He didn't grease the right palms.


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