Friday, January 16, 2009

What is Hamas?

Cowards, that's what they are. Hiding behind masks. Hiding behind women. Hiding behind children. Hiding in hospitals and schools. And in my opinion worst of all, Hiding behind their "Religion of Peace".

They've started a war they have no chance of winning. Theirs is a cult of death.

No saying to them "Can't we all just get along?". There is no getting along with Radical Islam. Their only goal is the propagation of their hideous faith. A faith that teaches that if you aren't one of them, you'll either be killed or enslaved.



Anonymous said...

Like most Republicans/"conservatives" you are a moron. You live in a Blue State. Which Red State is better than Mass. and based on what comparison? Tax rate? Unemployment? Graduation rate? Income? Welfare? Divorce? In all off those categories and almost every other, the Blue States are perform better than the Red States. So what exactly are you offering, other than misery, poverty, ignorance and welfare and unemployment?

As for HAMAS, do you NOT see the constant seizure of Palestinian land for settlements by the Israelis? Finally, what is your proposed solution to the problem? Extermination? Of millions? How? And what does that make YOU when you are done? Like all conservatives you are shortsighted moron filled with hate and anger and no real solutions other than violence.

Bluecat4usa said...

You, My blind friend are a moron.

There is a HUGE differnce between soldiers in the uniform of their country and the cowards who hide as "women" of Hamas. Keepp your weapons in schools, churches, mosques? Yeah that's brave. Hide behind children and women. That's the way to conduct a war. Violence sucks in any form. Nut at least with America and Israel the soldier come in uniform, not hiddeen as a civilian to harm others just going about their daily business.

That sir, is cowardly!