Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Should Islam be regarded as a religious terrorist enabeler?

Many things are going to be happening in the Mid-East in the following weeks.

Are we to ignore the fact that Israel is coming under attack not only from the Islamofacists, but also from the American Media? We are seeing images every day on TV that show the damage Israel is putting forth on the criminals of Hamas. But where were the same images shown on our televisions of the over 6,000 rockets fired into Israel in the past few years?

Where was Katie Couric on those?

How about Chris Matthews? Maybe he was still excited from the tingling feeling he had down his legs when he heard Barack Obama speak.

Keith Oblowmann? Another apologizer for the Islamists. After all "We just don't understand"! What's to understand about honor killings? What's to understand about stoning women for the simple reason that they've talked to a man who wasn't their husband? Can any of you explain how this is acceptable?

On to the Gaza conflict.

Is Israel starving and denying the "Palestinians" food, water, power and medical treatment? I think not. The Israelis have not just allowed, but insisted upon relief supplies be transported to the Gaza zone. These efforts have repeatedly come under fire from the criminal Hamas organization. Hamas and their minions have built tunnels to supposedly to get their supplies for living. You know, stuff we take for granted in America. Instead they transported weapons through those same tunnels. Hell, they got enough guns and missiles through the tunnels, but couldn't get food and meds? It's all a bunch of shit. No one wanted the land where Israel now stands before they got there. The so-called "Palestinians" just wandered around. In fact there was never a country called "Palestine". It was considered a region, much like how we call the Sahara Desert a region. Only when the Jewish people were able to conceive and build a state were any of the "Palestinians" interested in that plot of land. The Israelis made that once desolate area bloom with life. Now that there was something there worth having, the nomads wanted back in. Yeah guys, you want it when it's good but no interest when you were there the 1st time. Bye Bye.

What kind of person hides and fires their weapons from places where children are at school?
A cowardly "Hamas murderer" does that.

What sort of soldier stores their missiles in hospitals?
No honorable military person would do that, but Hamas does

Go for your (what was it, 72 virgins) guys. I can't help you. But for God's sake, just leave us alone. We don't need, want or desire your way of life. In America, we have people who don't want this crap here. Just keep it there. You guys obviously just can't get away from it.

Please check out the slide show in the following link. There are many things that are happening in Europe that are making their way to our shores.

This is not a racist attack on Muslims. This is a wake-up call to America that needs to be said.

We deserve our way of life. We should not go quietly toward a world of multi-culturalism. Our way of life should be upheld. Nothing is perfect, but theirs is not the way only because for them it's the only way.

America's Constitution says we all have the right to live our lives as we see fit, as long as our lives do not infringe upon our fellow citizens.

Please look at this. You might not agree on every point, but there are some "thinking points" here instead of "talking points" that liberal progressives like to bamboozle us with.


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