Thursday, September 4, 2008

Governor Sarah Palin Rocks!

I love this lady! Governor Sarah Palin really Rocks!

Why? Because she’s not a lifelong politician and talks like a real person. No platitudes. No bullshit. No beating around the bush. Governor Sarah Palin is exactly what John McCain needs to co-pilot his “Straight Talk Express”.

Some of the liberal pundits stated after her GOP Convention VP acceptance speech that all it proved was that she could read a teleprompter. Huh? Well, so can Barack Obama. The difference is that Sarah Palin actually came up with specific policy points, whereas Obama speaks only in generalities. Where is Barack’s plan for America (other than taxing us to death?)

Obama likes to speak of change. I’m thinkin’ that’s all we’ll have left after he initiates all his pie in the sky social programs. Yes, according to Obama, government can cure all the ills of society. And Barack, old buddy, old pal, old sweat sock…Change just for changes sake is no change at all. You’ve proved that it’ll be more of the same with your choice of Sen. Joe Biden as your running mate. Who’s more entrenched in government that Joe? Well, maybe Teddy Kennedy.

The last thing I want is to find a guy in a cheap suit at my front door saying “I’m from the government and I’m here to help you”. As a working person I do not recall even once that I’ve truly benefited from any government program. And when I’ve tried to receive some kind of assistance it’s always been more trouble than it’s worth. People like me don’t have the help of publicly paid advocates who can do all the leg work and grease the wheels. It seems that the beneficiaries of government programs are always somebody else. The folks who don’t or won’t work. The folks who are happy to collect your and my hard earned taxes while they lie about and bitch that they aren’t getting enough.

Sarah Palin is just who we need in Washington D.C. Someone who’s not entrenched in the whole D.C. culture. An outsider who knows how to push back and not accept the status quo just because that’s the way it’s always been. No one told her she couldn't do it. She didn't need the backing of N.O.W. to get ahead. In fact she's just what the radical feminist crowd abhor. A self driven woman who won't take no for an answer.

Just seeing the beating Sarah’s getting from the MSM makes me all the more supportive. I was going to have to vote for John McCain if only because the thought of a President Obama chills me to the bone. The fact that he’s chosen Gov. Palin for his running mate shows me that McCain is serious about enacting some real change in Washington, not some baloney slices that Obama’s throwing our way hoping it’ll stick.

I just have a better feeling about this election than I had only last week.

Governor Sarah Palin showed on TV last night that she’s the Real Deal.

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