Saturday, October 20, 2007

Limbaugh letter nets $2.1 million for charity on eBay

Well, I guess some of the Democratic Senators are good for something. This just shows that their false condemnation of Rush Limbaugh for his remarks about "phony soldiers" was seen for what it was. A failed attempt to take the heat off of them for their support of the "General Betray us" newspaper ad.

Just in case you aren't aware of why Rush made the "phony soldier" remark, this is who he was referring to. Here is the Wikipedia entry on Jesse Macbeth:

By the way, Rush is matching this donation dollar for dollar. I challenge the 41 Senators who signed this ridiculous letter to "cowboy up" and donate an equal amount to the Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation here: . That means you Hillary, Obama and Dodd.


Rationalthought said...

Who is going to ensure that the Military service dodging, Oxycotin consuming round mound known as Rush is going to actually pony up $2.1M?

While the likes of Soros and Buffett put their Billions where their mouths are and sign on for Estate Tax continuation, Rush was using homeless people to get his fixes just to save an extra dollar.

Bluecat4usa said...

I guess you'll just have to trust his word. He's announced it all last week on national radio and TV. I'll be the first to slam him if he goes back on his word.

Then again, Soros & Buffett are phonys. They give millions to their socialist agenda whare they know quite well that they will never be affected by it. They have the means to do what they want.

As far as the estate tax goes, I beleive it's not right. Taxes were paid when the money was earned (maybe earning is somewhat of a foreign concept to you) and taxes were paid along the way on interest, capitol gains etc. I say do away with the tax completely!