Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Thoughts and observations on Election Day.

Is America about to fall into a Marxist/socialist hell hole by electing Barack Hussein Obama as President? I hope not but so far the reports indicate that he'll win.

I noticed today that Barack's good buddies Bill Ayres and Louis Farrakhan have cast their votes at the same polling place as Obama and Michelle voted. No surprise there.

There are reports of Black Panther members intimidating voters at the polls in Philadelphia. Is this the kind of thing we should expect in "Obamamerica"?

I've always thought that the Republican Party didn't do enough with the Ayres and Dornn connection.

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Anonymous said...

At last.This extreme rightwing nasty regime is nearly over.Thank God Obama won.America can know rejoin the rest of the world.The last 8 years have been a disgraceful episode in US history.Every age/gender/ethnic group voted for Obama-everyone wants America to lead the world not fight it.The Republican Party has been ground into the dust.What hypocrisy it is of you to accuse Obama of being socialist!Which government nationalised the banks?George W Bush.That's right.What a scary thought that Palin(who worships witches) could have been the vice president.America's recovery has started-let's remember who got us into the economic mess-GBW.God bless America.