Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Russian Mafia goes all the way to the top of the Military.

Those Russkie's SOB's stealing our stuff!

(I'm thinkin' that the US Military should change the radio channels right NOW! Of course, WTF do I know)!

POTI, Georgia
Russian soldiers took about 20 Georgians in military uniform prisoner at a key Black Sea port in western Georgia on Tuesday, blindfolding them and holding them at gunpoint, and commandeered American Humvees awaiting shipment back to the United States.

The move came as a small column of Russian tanks and armored vehicles left the strategic city of Gori in the first sign of a Russian pullback of troops from Georgia after a cease-fire intended to end fighting that reignited Cold War tensions.

The two countries on Tuesday also exchanged prisoners captured during their brief war. However, Russian soldiers took Georgians prisoner in Poti — the country's key oil port city — and commandeered four U.S. Humvees that had been used in U.S.-Georgian military exercises.

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