Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Should we drill ANWR? Why not?

We don't have to but we should.

We should have been doing lots of things for the past 30+ years to get rid of our foreign oil dependence. But we didn't. With either a Democrat or Republican president we did nothing. Now we're getting fucked.

It's all about the US Dollar. The buck is weak compared to other currencies. Oil gets traded in Dollars. Speculators are betting that the dollar will get weaker and the price of oil will go up so they bid on a price they want to lock into.

It's been said that if we drill ANWR now we won't see relief for maybe ten years. OK, maybe. But what it will do is relieve some of the pressure on the dollar so that speculation prices will start to lower to a reasonable amount.

You see, if it shows that we won't NEED as much foreign oil and therefore won't be BUYING as much, the price of oil on the world market will stabilize. The Saudi's, Venezuela and others that are squeezing our balls will see their shares drop so they'll have to accommodate to a reasonable pricing.

In the meantime instead of bitchin' that we've done nothing about alternative energy, we should be pushing both the short term plan (our own oil) and the long term goal of energy independence via alternative energy.

Now someone get me a drink and a Motrin please. I gotta headache from thinkin' about this shit that everyone yells and bitches about but doesn't want a real world, real life answer to.

Instead of that fantasy of instant "green" energy.

Hey Al Gore, do the rest of us a favor and at least try to live up to what you preach. Try and stay off the jet for a week, OK?

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