Sunday, January 27, 2008

Liberal Democrats Socialist Mentality.

There are a lot of poor people out there. But why do they feel entitled to others people hard earned money?

Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama, both very liberal Democrats, would love to see an America where everyone is financially equal. At least, that's what they promise, right? If you are poor and struggling the Democrats will 'help' you with things like free Health care. But who does that hurt?

Those with money, that's who. Hillary’s definition of “those with money” means any family earning more that $80,000 a year. Oh, I know...'but they can afford it'. It seems only fair doesn’t it? I mean you're a good person. You DESERVE free health care and since there are people with “buckets” full of money out there why shouldn't they give a little to help you out?

But where does it stop? This Socialist mentality will trickle down into everything. The wealthy are that way because they are driven. They might be too wealth driven. They want the 12-room home, the Escalade, Mercedes and Corvette in their 3-car garage.

But what happens when the Socialist Democrats put their policies in place? All of the rich guy’s motivation is gone. How can he afford such luxuries once he is forced to support the poor? So he closes his business. Why deal with the headaches, the long hours, the time away from his family when he's only going to have the same house and car as everyone else?

So he closes his business. Maybe he owned a big bakery and supplies his area with bread. He shuts it down. His 500 employees are left unemployed. That's more poor people for the rest of the wealthy to support. They finally give up too. That's even more unemployed.

But wait, that bakery is gone. Now the locals need to get bread that's shipped in from far away. The price of bread goes up. Maybe it hits $10.00 per loaf. Who can afford that? Not to mention the farmer who depended on that bakery to buy his grain. Now he's losing money. He has to lay off his workers, too.

But without the grain some other bakeries are forced to shut down. More laid off workers and even less bread. Now bread is $25.00 per loaf. Even that once successful business owner can't afford that.

Yes, Socialism creates financial equality. It creates a country where we are all equally poor! Just remember the newspaper and television images that came out of the old Soviet Union. People were waiting in line for hours to buy bread and toilet paper. It reached the point where the government was forced to supply it. Even the government was unable to keep up with supply and demand.

That was the moment when Ronald Reagan stood up and said, "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall". You see, the timing was right. It was time for the USSR to admit their idea of a perfect Socialist nation had failed. Yes, the entire country was financially equal. They all had equally old and torn clothing. They all had equal hunger pains. They all had equal houses crumbling around them.

Do I have an answer? Not entirely. But I know this much. The Democrats idea of creating a Socialist America is absolutely the worst thing we can do. Those who need help should definitely be helped. But the Democrats idea of how to do that puts this very existence of this country in great jeopardy.


Ike said...

Go look up a song called "The Trees" by Rush:

"Now there's no more Oak oppression, for they passed a noble law... and the Trees were all kept equal, by hatchet, axe, and saw."

Anonymous said...

Hate to burst your bubble, but most people who are wealthy don't get there by being "driven" (lots of people are driven, rich, middle income and poor). Most inherit that wealth.

We already have seen trickle down economics from the Republicans. It's been proven to be an abysmal failure.

Ike said...

Hate to burst *your* bubble, anonymous...

...but that is true worldwide. Countries that have real economic freedom have citizens that are more likely to bootstrap their way to wealth.

A larger percentage of Americans who are "rich" got their by their own drive, when compared to other nations.

Anonymous said...

Here's hoping McCain loses,and Obama/Clinton get in.The world has had enough of the gun totin' neo-cons that have ruled the U.S for far too damn long.The Rest of the world(remember us?) has hated Bush's go it alone policies.Let's hope America rejoins the world community from its drift into mad,right wing nastiness.Here's hoping America wakes up and votes for a progressive Democratic future and universal healthcare for ALL americans(not just those with wealth) The Liberal U.K(old lapdog to U.S.

Anonymous said...

Is it right?
Is it right,moral or decent to believe in policies which keep poor people down? Your ideology seems to be that the poor should be left alone.I thought America was supposed to be a Christian country? How can it be that right wing politicians despise the poor so much they would deny adequate healthcare for them.A just society is an equal society. More poverty-more crime.Health inequality leads to a disintegration of society.Maybe you don't believe in society-Margaret Thatcher(who loved in with Ronnie) didn't.Long live a Free and Just America
The Liberal U.K.

Bluecat4usa said...

Thank you for commenting. I appreciate it.

This has nothing to do with being against poor people. I grew up in what anyone would call a "low income household" (very low income at that).

The bigger issue is that I, you or anyone else are not responsible for how a person chooses to live or behave. If a person chooses to just coast along and take hand outs, then why should they expect others to bail them out?

My grandfather always said "God helps those who help themselves". I do believe that for the most part you can control your own fate. While some things are unavoidable, most situations can be bettered.

There should be no excuse for a just society to not help the truly needy, the truly poor who through no fault of their own end up in terrible circumstances. But most just need help temporarily, not as a way of life.

What a just society should do is give a person a hand up, not a hand out.

Anonymous said...

Here's hoping Obama wins and ends this right wing neo crazy extreme administration.America will rejoin th land of the living.Palin go back to alaska,take your suits with you and help feed the bear population.Obama will save US from people like you.Where is America now? In the middle of the world's worst financial crisis.Where have the jobs gone? Where are you spending your money-war.Can't wait to end this disgraceful episode in US history.The World will be so relieved once GWB goes- America has lost it big time.Obama will help recover America's dignity.Bush stole the election last time-please God Obama win.